Smart Controls & Power Flushing

Smart Thermostats explained...

Gas Force are smart installers who believe that smart is the future.
Thanks to the rise of the smart thermostat, central heating has never been, well…cooler.

A smart control will reduce energy usage and the app controlled thermostats offer pinpoint control over your heating and hot water. But what really makes them smart, how do they work and which model is right for your home and lifestyle?
Gas Force will advise you which smart thermostat will be best suited to your home.

What makes a ‘smart’ thermostat smart?

Instead of basic on/off and temperature control a smart thermostat allows you manage every minute of your home’s heating schedule from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
And while many thermostats have been offering daily on/off control for years the slick apps make it quicker and more intuitive. Two minutes with any of the main brands and you’ll be able to create a heating schedule specific to you whether you get up late on Saturday, or love it steaming hot on Wednesday afternoon.

We can supply and fit all the latest brands, contact us today and start reducing your energy bill.

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Power Flushing

Gas Force will flush, chemically treat and future protect your boiler and heating system.

Although today’s boilers are the most efficient ever, their narrow waterways make them more vulnerable to the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge, corrosion and other debris. Even an A-rated boiler will deteriorate rapidly if it’s fitted to a dirty system that hasn’t been flushed effectively and doesn’t benefit from chemical treatment and a quality filter for ongoing protection. Gone are the days of ‘fit and forget’. Who wants their customers to forget about them? Installers need to be remembered by their customers for all the right reasons: Gas Force will be offering reliable expert, advice; making recommendations that will protect your investment and save you money; demonstrating fast and effective results; and being readily available for an annual service.