Terms and Conditions for Cover Plans

We have introduced our cover plans to ensure homeowners and landlords peace of mind and protection in the event of various central heating system issues.

The plans are for homeowners and landlords only. Retail, commercial and other premises used for business are not eligible for this cover.

Any gas leaks MUST in the first instance be reported to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.


1. Cost of plans

1.1 The cost of the plans are as follows:

2. Excess

2.1 There is no excess due on the first three call outs/repairs in any policy year.
2.2 An excess of £40 plus VAT is payable on each call out/repair after your 3rd call out under the policy.
2.2 The excess must be paid either when the engineer’s visit is booked or when the engineer arrives at your property.
2.3 When we book your repair, we’ll ask to pre-authorise your debit or credit card for any excess chargeable. Payment will be taken within 48 hours of our first visit.

3. Initial System Health Check

3.1 Within the first 28 days of your policy commencement we will pre-screen your system by completing a health check of all the components covered within your plan to make sure they are safe and in good working order.
3.2 Your Gas Force Limited engineer will complete a safety inspection to show you what he or she has checked.
3.3 If any recommended remedial or maintenance works are noted during the health check, Gas Force Cover Plans Limited will provide a report and quotation for this. If the recommended remedial works are not carried out within 28 days, we may need to review your policy status.
3.4 There is no age limit on your boiler and it does not matter who installed it, as long as all the essential working parts are available.
3.5 If you have made your first plan payment, and during the health check it becomes apparent that your heating system does not meet our eligibility criteria (e.g. if spare parts are no longer available), we will automatically cancel your policy and a refund will be issued

4. What is covered and our aims

4.1 Under your agreed plan we will repair and replace any covered parts or appliances which are faulty.
4.2 We aim to attend your property within 24 hours of your first call, and to carry out the repairs within 5 working days (where possible due to workload and parts availability).
4.3 Generally we can source parts either the same day or the following working day, however we cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by our suppliers.
4.4 All replacement parts are sourced from our network of suppliers. These may differ from the original, e.g. using a standard radiator valve to replace a chrome plated radiator valve. If an alternative is required, this can be provided by you.
4.5 In most circumstances a Gas Force Limited engineer will attend your property. Rarely, we may authorise a suitably qualified contractor to carry out the work on our behalf.
4.6 Gas Force Cover Plans Limited guarantees all parts and labour for 12 months from the date of repair. Any guarantees do not affect your legal rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. You can get advice about your rights from a Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Department.

(Complete Home Cover)
What's covered
  • All points of the Gold Plan
FREE boiler replacement for boilers less than 7 years old and deemed
irreparable (of a £400 discount towards boiler replacement
for boilers between 7-10 years old)*
  • Internal main electrical wiring
  • Fuseboard and circuit breakers
  • Sockets and switches

  • Mains water supply pipework
  • Tanks, down service, hot and cold water supplied
  • Ball valves, syphons and handles
  • Hot water cylinders
(Complete Boiler and System Cover)
What's covered
  • Boiler health check
  • Full annual boiler service
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Boiler spares and controls
  • Boiler flue pipe assembly
  • Central heating pipework
  • Central heating controls
  • Radiators (standard only) and radiator valves
  • Water leaks on heating system
  • Gas supply pipework (as long as it is accessible)
  • Cylinders made safe only – NOT replaced
  • Carbon monoxide safety checks
  • Thawing out of pipework, only for condensation pipes connected to boilers, and which have been installed correctly to manufacturer's instructions
  • All parts and labour costs
  • 15% discount for new boiler installs
For what isn't covered please see General Exclusions

(Boiler Cover Only)
What's covered
  • Boiler health check
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Boiler spares and internal controls
  • Boiler flue pipe assembly
  • Cylinders made safe only – NOT replaced
  • Carbon monoxide safety checks
  • Thawing out of pipework, only for condensation pipes connected to boilers, and which have been installed correctly to manufacturer's instructions
  • All parts and labour costs
What isn’t covered on this plan (also see General exclusions)
  • Full annual boiler service
  • Gas supply pipework
  • Gas central heating pipework and external controls
  • Radiators and radiator valves
  • Water leaks on heating system
(System Cover Only)
What's covered
  • Boiler health check
  • Central heating pipework
  • Central heating controls
  • Radiators (standard only) and radiator valves
  • Water leaks on heating system
  • Cylinders made safe only – NOT replaced
  • Carbon monoxide safety checks
  • All parts and labour costs

What isn’t covered on this plan (also see General exclusions)
  • Full annual boiler service
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Boiler spares and internal controls
  • Boiler flue pipe assembly


*Boiler Replacement^ – what we will cover:
  • If your boiler is deemed irreparable by one of our engineers, and your boiler is less than 7 years old at this time, we will cover a complete boiler replacement, with a boiler of similar output, up to a total job cost of £2,500 including VAT.
  • If your boiler is deemed irreparable by one of our engineers and your boiler is between 7 and 10 years old at this time, we will pay a contribution of £400 towards a complete boiler replacement, with a boiler of similar output, up to a total job cost of £2,500.
  • Boiler replacement works under this Gas Force Cover Plan MUST be carried out by Gas Force Limited and our own qualified engineers. We will not cover or contribute any costs towards another company or engineer carrying out any such works.
  • This is the most we will pay for any claim under Boiler Replacement.
Boiler Replacement – exclusions:
  • We will not cover the boiler being replaced during the first 6 months following the initial policy start date (this does not apply to yearly renewal dates).
  • We will not cover the need for replacement or contribution assessed by anyone other than our own engineers.
  • We will not cover the need for boiler replacement arising before you asked us to provide cover.
  • Boilers already 10 years old or over at the initial policy start date will not be replaced under this offer.

^ The age of the boiler is determinable by proof of installation date, provided by the customer, which must be in the form of a Gas Safe Buildings Control Certification or the date provided in the Benchmark book.

5. Electrical**

What's covered

You are covered for an electrical emergency and breakdown of the domestic electrical wiring, provided that the electrical supply is 240v and the damage occurs within your home, beyond the electricity company’s supply meter or other monitoring or measuring device.

Examples of what is covered:

  • Breakdown of fuse box
  • Electrical circuits including the fuse box
  • Circuit breakers
  • Sockets
  • Light fittings
  • Lost power to circuit
  • Failed electrical switch or broken electrical switch
  • Failed light bulb socket
  • Repair/replacement of an immersion heater
  • Failed wiring to an immersion heater and a breakdown of the immersion heater unit itself
  • Failed wiring to a shower unit

What isn't covered (also see general exclusions)

  • Any electrics external to your home
  • The electric power supply between your home and any outbuildings
  • The electric company’s supply meter or any other type of monitoring or measuring device
  • Any device which can be plugged into the electricity supply or operates using electricity
  • Alarm systems or security lighting
  • Solar panels, energy storage systems or heat pumps
  • Electrical “Terminal Ends” (for example such as light bulbs, extractor fans, electric showers, domestic appliances)
  • Any wiring:
    • that is sheathed or cased in fabric
    • is not installed to the regulatory standards
  • Any electrics not installed, operated, maintained or repaired in accordance with established practice or manufacturer’s instructions, statutory regulations or British Standards
  • Damage caused while your home is unoccupied
  • Any need for repair arising before you asked us to provide cover
  • Payment for any inconvenience or damage caused by delay beyond our control
  • Extractor fans or macerator units for toilets e.g. Saniflo
  • Any damage to whirlpool baths or spa baths
  • The need for repair caused by anyone other than the tradesperson authorised by us
  • The resetting of circuit breakers, which can be reset by you
  • Any appliances with plugs e.g washing machines, kettles, fairy lights, or any wiring/electrics past the isolation switch
  • Routine electrical maintenance tasks including:
    • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and decorative light fittings
    • Replacing fuses in plugs
    • Adjusting timer/temperature control of heaters or Economy 7 timer switches
    • Rewiring your property
  • Any wiring that does not form part of the permanent 240 volt electrical supply system e.g satellite dishes, radio/television aerials and their fittings/masts and telephones and their associated wiring
  • The shower unit
  • Portable or fixed electrical heating systems or energy efficiency management systems
  • Repairing or replacing wiring encased in rubber or lead or any part of the electrical wiring where completing a repair would result in a breach of the current electrical wiring regulations and electrical safety standard BS7671:2008 - Requirements for Electrical Installations (incorporating amendment 3:2015)

6. Plumbing***

What's covered

  • Plumbing system health check
  • All parts and labour costs
  • Mains cold water pipe work
  • Tank down service cold water pipe work
  • Hot water pipe work
  • Ball valves
  • Toilet ball valves, syphons and handles
  • Water leaks on internal pipework
  • Tanks (plastic)
  • Internal drains and waste systems
  • Cylinders
  • Blockages inside internal pipework (e.g. blocked sink or bath)

What isn't covered (also see general exclusions)

  • Repairing or replacing taps or washers in taps.
  • Repairing or replacing the main cold water stopcock.
  • Repairing or replacing water softeners, showers, shower pumps and mixer valves, combined overflow arid pop up waste mechanism, mechanical pumps, water filters, radiators, swimming pools, decorative garden features, rainwater pipes and guttering, macerators such as Saniflo, sanitary ware and electrical units for toilets.
  • Restoring flow by unblocking or repairing external drainage pipes and waste pipes (e.g. rainwater or main drains).
  • Repairing or unblocking drains shared with another property or properties.
  • Repairing or replacing manholes, soakaways, septic tanks, cesspits, treatment plants and their outflow pipes.
  • Regular cleaning, maintenance or descaling of external drains.
  • Repairing or unblocking of drains outside the boundary of your property.
  • Repairing or replacing any lead or steel pipes.
  • Creating access to drain system entry points (such as manhole covers) where these have been built over.
  • Repairing or replacing any drainage pipework damaged by subsidence, or tree roots.
  • Secondary hot water pumps.

7. General Exclusions

7.1 The following are EXCLUDED from all cover plans:

(a) Maintenance, service, replacement or repairs of:

  • gas fires (with the exception of gas fires forming part of a back boiler)
  • water heaters
  • warm air units
  • wall heaters
  • cookers and ovens
  • white goods
  • gas heaters providing hot water
  • LPG fueled boilers and dual-purpose boilers (e.g. Aga, Rayburn)
  • underfloor heating
  • warm air units
  • fan convectors and heaters
  • towel rails, column and designer radiators
  • any parts that do not affect how the appliance/system works e.g. decorative or specialist parts
  • solar panels and any associated pipework
  • solar or electric heating or hot water systems
  • combined heat and power systems
  • ground, air and water source heat pump systems.

(b) Thawing out of water pipes including hot and cold water pipes and central heating pipes.
(c) Accidental damage, cosmetic or third party damage is not included within these plans - this includes repairs to your boiler and/or controls in the event of accidental damage by you which affects its functioning.
(d) Replacement of central heating boilers over 10 years old.
(e) Any defect or failing within the system which may be attributed to the incorrect design of the system or appliances.
(f) Any defect, damage or breakdown caused through malicious or willful action, negligence, misuse or third party interference including any attempted repair or modification to the system, which does not comply with recognised industry standards.
(g) Any parts of the central heating system (including pipes and ducts) which are too difficult to access safely (e.g. safe floor boarding and/or lighting is essential in loft spaces).
(h) Any part of the central heating system which is impossible or impractical to maintain because of its position (e.g. a boiler situated in a confined space or inaccessibility due to the installation of fitted cupboards)
(i) Any work on asbestos based materials.
(j) The removal of any rubbish of which is a result of any work which has taken place.
(k) The painting or decoration of any building fabric which we may have to disturb as part of the works.
(l) The boxing in of any pipework, professional re-laying of any carpet or floor finishes.
(m) The cost of repairing any damage or breakdown caused by changes to, problems with, or works carried out on the gas, electricity or water supply to your property e.g. removing physical blockages such as stones, dirt or cement from your heating system/ gas supply/ water supply or damage caused to components during a power cut.
(n) Any plumbing issues within the property, unless you are covered on our Platinum Plan.
(o) Repair, replacement or maintenance of smart thermostats e.g. Nest, Hive, Mi Genie etc.
(p) Landlords Gas Safety Inspections (see paragraph 6).
(q) Issues caused by sludge/scale/rust within the boiler or damage caused by any other chemical composition of the water.
(r) A breakdown when an engineer has previously identified that remedial / maintenance work is required to prevent a future breakdown.
(s) Any part of the boiler which is not possible for the engineer to work on safely.
(t)Frozen pipes that have not been insulated.
(u) Boilers which are still working, but you suspect may be about to breakdown (such as a noise has developed).
(v) Liability for damage to your property unless it is deemed that we have been negligent.
(w) The costs of any work carried out by any other contractors.
(x) Damage caused by any repair or remedial works undertaken on your system by a third party, whether or not following our advice.
(y) Risks normally insured under household or other insurances e.g. repairing of faults, damage or replacement of appliances/systems/components caused by freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, accident, fire, lightning, explosion, flood or storm. You should check your household insurance to make sure you have enough cover for these risks.
(z) Any improvement works that are required to bring your appliance/system up to current standards/legislative requirements e.g. replacing flues or vents that do not meet current standards (these are examples only, not a complete list). You may need to have improvement works carried out before we are able to complete repairs under your policy.

8. Landlord's Gas Safety Certificates

8.1 A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate can be added to your cover plan for an extra fee of £40 plus VAT if required. The gas safety check must be carried out during your annual service. If the gas check is requested to be carried out on a different date to your annual service it will then be charged at £75 plus VAT.
8.2 We will issue a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate for the gas appliances that are within the property.
8.3 We will send you the Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate showing details of any faults we have found and any repairs needed.

9. Policy Conditions and Payments

9.1 If an incident occurs at your property, which is covered by your policy, please call the claims number shown on your covering letter and we will arrange for the incident to be dealt with in accordance with the terms and conditions of your policy. Please call us as soon as you are aware of the incident.
9.2 Appointment times will be between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. It should no noted that we offer cover plans but are not an emergency call our service. The phone line is open 24/7 and if you are prompted to leave a message we will call you back as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.
9.3 Claims must be made by you or a person calling on your behalf. The engineer may ask to see your policy cover information when he/she arrives at your property.
9.4 For new policy holders, your policy starts the day your application is processed. To prevent claims on existing problems and to keep premiums low, there is an initial exclusion period of 28 days when you will not be able to make a claim. For existing policy holders, if you decide to continue with your policy after the first year of cover, there will be no exclusion period at renewal.
9.5 It is your responsibility to providing a parking space or a permit for our visit. The cost of any parking fees or any costs generated by parking fees will be chargeable to you.
9.6 It is your responsibility to allow us access to your property. If we cannot gain access to your property at the time of the scheduled appointment, we will be unable to carry out the necessary work. If this happens, you will have the opportunity to schedule one more appointment. If we are unable to gain access on both occasions then the excess charge will be applied automatically to cover our time.
9.7 Each cover plan policy can only be used to cover one property, and this must be the property approved at the commencement of your policy.
9.8 Each policy is for a duration of 12 months. Upon your first payment you are agreeing to enter into this 12 month contract with us.
9.9 Following your first payment, all subsequent payments will be collected by Direct Debit on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on whether you are paying by instalments or in full).
9.10 If you fail to make a payment of premium on the due date, your policy may be suspended and you will not be able to make a claim. If you do not pay the requested amount within 30 days of the due date your policy may be cancelled. In this case you will remain liable for any due and outstanding premium for the period up to the date of expiry of the policy. A £99 cancelation fee will also be incurred. If you want to make a claim under your policy whilst your policy coverage is suspended, you will be required to pay any outstanding premiums before an engineer will be despatched to your property.
9.11 Renewal of your policy will be on a yearly basis. A new 12 month policy (and any payments for it) will start automatically, each year, unless you advise us otherwise, in writing, during the last month of your cover period.
9.12 Nobody other than you will be able to benefit from this policy and it cannot be transferred to someone else without our written consent.
9.13 If you move to a new home, you need to tell us as soon as possible. If you wished to transfer your current policy to your new address a further system health check would be required. If your new system does not meet our eligibility criteria (or if you ask us to cancel your policy) the standard cancellation fee will be charged.
9.14 Our engineers and personnel are entitled to work without fear of harassment including verbal and physical abuse. If such a situation arises we will not commence or recommence work until a Health & Safety risk assessment has been completed to our satisfaction. Continued harassment of any Gas Force Cover Plans Limited staff member may result in the termination of your policy.

10. General

10.1 If your system is covered by any other maintenance contract or insurance policy, you must provide us with full details of any other contract.
10.2 All appliances must be used only in the way recommended within the manufacturer's instructions and nothing should be modified.
10.3 Any gas appliances found to be faulty and unsafe will be notified to the homeowner/tenant and either turned off or disconnected from the gas supply accordingly. The disconnection of the appliance will be covered under all plans, but any further work will be at additional cost.
10.4 We may amend these Terms and Conditions for legal or regulatory reasons, or for reasons relating to the availability of the product. Where this change affects your policy, we will make the change immediately and notify you within 28 days.
10.5 If parts for your boiler system become obsolete, we will write to advise you of this immediately. If you then wish to amend your plan please contact us to discuss the necessary steps on 0208 935 5113.
10.6 System improvements can be provided and/or installed by Gas Force Limited but will not be included under the cover plans and will therefore be chargeable.

11. Cancellation

11.1 Cooling Off Period
You have a cooling off period of 14 days from the date of your policy commencement. If you decide to cancel your policy within this period you will need to contact us via email info@gasforcelondon.co.uk or telephone 0208 935 5113 and you will receive a full refund of any money paid.

11.2 Your Cancellation Rights

  • You can cancel your policy at any time by either writing to us at Gas Force Cover Plans Limited, 21 Fernbank Avenue, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 5RA, or by emailing us at info@gasforcelondon.co.uk
  • Your policy is for a 12 month period from your commencement date (with the exception of the cooling off period) and any cancellation during this period will incur a cancellation charge of £99.

11.3 Our Cancellation Rights
We may cancel your policy in the following circumstances:

  • If we give you reasonable notice.
  • If you have given false information.
  • If you do not make an agreed payment.

When your policy is cancelled, the outstanding premium due to us will depend on how you selected to pay your premium for the policy. If you pay your premium monthly, the outstanding premium will be your monthly premium payments up to the date that the policy is cancelled. If you pay your premiums quarterly or annually, the outstanding premium will be all unpaid premium payments for the term of the policy.

11.4 If we cancel your policy, we will:

  • for policies concerning gas boilers, gas appliances or heating systems we may give you a full refund if we find anything wrong when we complete the health check.
  • if we cancel your policy because we have told you that permanent repairs or improvements are needed, we may offer you another policy with us, for example one which will not include the parts causing the problem, or does not include the cost of repairs to your system or boiler.
  • If, after several attempts of asking, we haven’t been able to complete the health check we may cancel your policy. We will tell you in writing if this is the case.

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